What is Ezeepage?

Ezeepage is the online destination to store all your favorites and bookmarks on the web.

How does it work?

Ezeeapge provides you online facility to create your own personal page and store all your bookmarks. You use the innovative display to reach your bookmark with minimum number of clicks. You will never have to worry about losing your bookmarks ever!

How do I use Ezeepage?

Just signup for free and your page is ready for you to use. Four categories are defaulted on your page that may be used by you or deleted.
Then you can add your own categories (also known as folders) or use a few of the most used categories provided by ezeepage.
Add your own Bookmarks and associate them to your favorite url or bookmarks. Just copy the url address from your browser and paste in the url field for Bookmark. You can also use most common Bookmarks provided by ezeepage. You have the option to store the Bookmark related userid, account # and Password Hint to help you remember your account details for infrequently used Bookmarks.
The Bookmarks will be displayed under their Categories and when you click on any Bookmark, a new window opens with the associated url or bookmark.
Then you can configure your page with your preferences using configuration tools. All the updates to your page are online real-time.
For example: you may create your own Bookmarks to visit specific yahoo content pages like News, Mail, Sports, Maps, Finance, Photos etc and may visit the yahoo contents with minimum number of clicks and advertisements.

What are the options available for my customization?

Background color of Categories and Bookmarks
Category font color
Category and Bookmark fonts
Number of columns displayed on your page for Categories.
Display order for Categories: Ascending / Descending or Manual
Default Search Engine

Is Ezeepage only for storing bookmark / favorites?

Your personal page can also be used to search the web using preferred search engine like Google, Yahoo, MSN, Excite etc.
You can also perform search for your bookmarks or categories within your personal page.

How many Categories and Bookmarks / Bookmarks can I store on my personal ezeepage?

You can store unlimited number of Categories, Bookmarks / Bookmarks on your ezeepage.

What does it cost to use Ezeepage?

During the beta trial, Ezeepage is free for at least a year or two. After the beta trial, basic membership may continue to be free with advertisements, and some features will require a subscription with no advertisements on your personal page. Ezeeapge will never make money by selling information on our users.

How is Ezeepage different from other online bookmark services?

Traditional online bookmark services are full of advertisements, provide limited functionality and only provide the tree layout for viewing your bookmarks where you have to click number of times to get to your favorite bookmark.
Ezeepage provides premium services free of advertisements where almost all the Bookmarks, bookmarks are displayed on your page per your preferences. You only see, what you want to see. No Advertisements. Please refer Advantages and Features of Ezeepage.

Who will benefit from Ezeepage services?

Students and Researchers
Librarian and teachers
General public who access internet from public libraries and cyber cafes
People on the move Access internet from airport, shops, etc.
Users with multiple computers
Families with many household members
IT users in general as your bookmarks are safe from viruses, hard-disk crash, computers lost/stolen, changing laptops


Saves time and effort to navigate the web and document on the computer system ( whether stand alone or network system )
Displays multiple folder and their contents at a glance making it possible to navigate with minimum # of clicks
Secured Access from anywhere anytime from any computer or any mobile device
No need to remember hyperlinks
Innovative user friendly layout for bookmark organization and display of almost all bookmarks for easy access from within your homepage
Easily customizable by user for their own preferences.

Features of the ezeepage application process:

ezee Organization of folders and bookmarks:

Define as many folders as you want
Ezee organization of bookmarks within user defined categories (folders)
Naming your folders and your bookmarks with description the way you want
User friendly layout for bookmark organization
Organize your folders in the order of your preferred display (Ascending / Descending / Manual)
Organize your bookmarks within each folder (Ascending / Descending / Manual)
Store your identifying information such as userid, password hint, account # and other identifying information related to the bookmark link

ezee Display and Navigation:

No Advertisements on your ezeepage
Innovative layout for ezee access to almost all the bookmark within your homepage
User friendly layout for bookmark organization
Opens a new window when a bookmark is chosen to access minimizing your ezeepage

ezee Options:

Quick search to find your bookmarks within your own personal ezeepage
Option to search the web from within your homepage with preferred search engine
Option to select and set your default search engine
Option to change your search engine on the fly
Unlimited storage
Recycle Bin functionality to retrieve your deleted folders and ezeekeys (Bookmarks)
Select page background, category background colors
Select Category text, Bookmark text, size, color, font
Select # of columns and order of columns to be displayed on the page
Select # of Bookmarks to be displayed within category with option to display more

ezee Search:

Search the web from within your homepage with preferred search engine
Search with your default search engine or change your search engine on the fly
Search your folder or bookmarks within your ezeepage


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